The Why

Knowing the why behind something is never a bad thing…. Now I’m not saying that we should act like little kids and just blindly say why?! But when an instructor tells you to place a tourniquet “high and tight” you should understand how things like anatomy clothing, stress and equipment play into the overall situation. So, here is the why behind Line 4 Expeditions and Consulting.

When the overloading scene became big in the United States several years ago I was captivated by companies like Expedition Overland and thought to myself, how could I do that? Then later as everyone started ______ Overland, I started to think that there could be a more effective way I could contribute.

I’ve spent a great part of my childhood and adult life traveling and living in the outdoors and I would like to pass on things that I have learned over years first as a Boy Scout in the mountains of California and now as a Navy Corpsman serving the Global War on Terror. I have spent the most of my time in the Navy serving with the Fleet Marine Force as well as Naval Expeditionary units, which has given me a unique perspective on the overland space.

L4EC’s initial mission is two fold. First to  provide expert advice and consulting on the following topics; medical training, equipment selection, planning and logistics. Second, provide fully equipped medical staff with expeditionary and special operations backgrounds tailored to any organization’s specific requirements or events.

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