Veterans Day!

I just wanted to say that this weekend is always special! Yesterday I was able to meet up with a Marine from one of my former units for a USMC Birthday beer, which turned into several along with many ridiculous stories. Today being veterans day is more awkward for me personally, I don’t know how to respond when people thank me for my service so I pass that along by calling my Dad, a Vietnam war Vet, and telling him the same thing. Normally gets a decent laugh, but I am truly fortunate to have the support of most Americans I meet.

My Dad told me growing up that when he was discharged he immediately changed into civilian clothes and told nobody that he served. That was just political environment that that generation of warriors faced and we have them to thank for the unwavering support that most of us now experience! So here’s to the Vietnam Vets, thank you for your service and supporting my generation of Warriors!

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