Moving forward!

As a quick disclaimer, as the founder of this company, I am still on Active Duty and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This will cause unfortunate gaps in content and will cause much of the travel updates to remain censored heavily throughout the year. Thank you for your understanding! Here at Line 4 we have 3 areas of focus for 2019 and we hope you will be joining us on the journey.

The first and most visible aspect of the company will be the Tacoma build! Unfortunately at this time Line 4 has no sponsors, so visual progress will be slow. We are excited to announce the Go Fast Camper is entering production soon and will be installed by late Spring to early Summer in Bozeman, MT! Other noteworthy projects will be the much needed addition of skid plates and sliders, however no date has been decided at this time. Other small upgrades will continue as money allows, so please follow our Instagram for those updates.

The second area of focus will be our Podcast and YouTube platforms. We are happy to say we have partnered with On The Move Archery and Bright Eyes Photography to greatly enhance our media production capability and provide better content. Our podcast will go live within the next month and our YouTube channel will be expanding as time allows.

Third and most important, medical training and expedition consulting! This will be behind the scenes for most of you, but Line 4 will continue providing consulting on equipment selection and training for upcoming adventures! If you are interested please reach out to us! Also, our limited staff has already enrolled in multiple training evolution’s to improve our medical knowledge!

Thanks again for your support as Line 4 moves into the future!

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