Navigation and Route planning

How do you find overland routes? This is one of the most asked questions I receive, so let’s address it here.

  1. Start with some simple map study. I like to use a combo of Google Maps or Gaia GPS to explore areas that interest me, or that I will be near for work.
  2. Identify Public land areas. BLM and National Forest are typically the best.
  3. Identify dirt roads. Don’t think in terms of “off road trails” because that will limit you severely.
  4. Now comes the fun part! Start connecting forest service roads to build a longer route off the beaten path. This is where I like to use Gaia’s route feature to build an accurate route with milage and elevation changes.
  5. Now go drive the route. Start small and keep your goals reasonable, but eventually you will be able to better identify the kinds of roads you’re looking for using these apps.

Other tried and true methods include; youtube videos, magazine articles, local Jeep clubs and online forums.

Hope this helps and happy exploring!